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Why Security Doors Don’t Have To Be an Eyesore

When we hear the words “security doors” it is difficult not to think of grey metal doors, unattractive shutters and barred windows. While these may work for prisons and industrial parks, creating a security door for a family home is an entirely different matter.

Function vs Design

At Rockingham Glass we believe that security doors don’t have to be ugly and are fully committed to securing your home without sacrificing aesthetics. In fact, we are confident that tasteful and well-designed security doors can enhance the look of any home, no matter your tastes.

We offer a range of attractive security door styles to suit every style of home and every setting, whether you own an apartment in Bayswater or a house in Dalkeith. If you would like to see some examples, we have several security door styles on display at our Rockingham showroom, or we can even bring some samples to your home. Our trained experts can give advice and guidance so you can achieve the perfect balance of security and aesthetics for your home.

While the thought of security doors may conjure images of heavy, solid doors, this need not the case. We can create designs that fit in perfectly with your existing home and let in plenty of natural light while guaranteeing the highest levels of security money can buy.

Deter Burglars whilst Reducing your Premium!

Rockingham Glass only install Security doors and window screens that meet current Australian standards. The Amplimesh Supascreen system ensures visibility is not compromised while providing the highest level of security to any window or door. Our perforated aluminium mesh doors and window screens are an alternative to the Supascreen system, along with the original diamond grille mesh. All being custom made to suit your door or window.

While we would all prefer to live in a world without the threat of crime and break-ins, the importance of security doors cannot be overstated. As the number of home break-ins continues to rise in Perth and surrounding areas, properly securing your home is becoming more important than ever. Even if you are fortunate and there is no attempted break-in at your home, the peace of mind that security doors offer is invaluable. Quality security doors may even reduce your home insurance premiums, often saving you money in the long run.

While we always endeavour to deliver attractive and stylish doors, we never scrimp on quality and protection. Our doors comply with all relevant safety and security standards. We use only the highest quality materials and components and all our doors are fitted with advanced triple-lock mechanisms. Stainless steel screens and fittings ensure that your doors and screens will look great and stay in perfect condition for many years to come.

If you would like to discuss our attractive security door solutions why not come visit us at our premises on Crompton Road, Rockingham? Contact us today to arrange an appointment.

“Rockingham Glass did a brilliant job at a brilliant price.”

Sarah - Armadale

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