14 Mar 2017

When we hear the words “security doors” it is difficult not to think of grey metal doors, unattractive shutters and barred windows. While these may work for prisons and industrial parks, creating a security door for a family home is an entirely different matter.   Function vs Design At Rockingham Glass we believe that security […]

14 Feb 2017

You can transform your bathroom in less than 5 minutes! With numerous styling options, from frameless to full-framed shower screens, transforming your bathroom from the ordinary to something worthy of a guest spot on Better Homes and Gardens or Houzz is inherently achievable. While shower screens are one of several areas to focus upon when […]

07 Feb 2017

Roughly four times as strong as regular glass, ‘toughened’ or ‘tempered’ glass is used in a wide variety of applications, both commercial and domestic. This extra strength and resilience makes toughened glass ideal as ‘safety glass’, which is a variety of glass that (when broken) breaks into small pieces rather than large (and usually very […]