Frosted Glass

Improve Your Privacy Without Losing Light

Frosted glass is a great way to increase and improve privacy in your home without losing all that lovely natural light.

Rather than normal glass which is transparent (see-through), Frosted Glass is translucent – meaning the light is “scattered”. This makes frosted glass difficult to see through for humans, but not hard for light to pass through.

Rockingham Glass can prepare various forms of frosted glass, however by far our most popular method is the Satin Etch.

Satin Etch Frosted Glass

With European trends leading the way towards minimalist, pure forms, the satin, translucent look of Satin Etch Glass allows you to stay at the forefront of innovation in Frosted Glass.

This float glass has been treated on one side with a high-quality acid to achieve the satin finish. The process used ensures consistency in look in your frosted glass, and is perfect for internal use in kitchens, bathrooms and offices, or externally for facades, balconies and doors.

Unlike using a sandblasted technique to create frosted glass, Satin Etch Glass is less susceptible to staining and can be supplied toughened, laminated or assembled into double glazed units. It is available in 3, 4, 6, 10 and 12mm thicknesses.


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