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Your First Choice in High-Quality Shower Screens

With a wide variety of shower screen styles to choose from, make your bathroom sleek, stylish and always easy to clean with Rockingham Glass.

Rockingham Glass have more than 30 years of experience in the glazing industry and offer high-quality shower screens, bath panels, mirrors, and any other glass in your bathroom.

Our dedicated and professional team offer complete shower screen installation and repair throughout the Rockingham and Kwinana region.

See below for our full range of shower screens available for your home, or visit us in store to view our products in person.

fully framed shower screen in perth

Fully Framed Shower Screens

Our fully framed shower screens feature high-quality aluminium frames surrounding grade-A safety glass doors and side panels. The uniform look of our framed screens makes them ideal for a wide variety of bathrooms and ensures they are safe for children and adults of all ages. This style of shower screen is available with a pivot or sliding door, or just fixed panels alone.

Key Features:

  • Slim, easy-to-clean 25mm frame sections
  • Choice of silver/chrome, natural matte, white and almond ivory frame sections
  • Doors with full height handles and a magnetic strip for a tight seal
  • Adaptable for use by the elderly and infirm, with disabled access
More Details Download Fully Framed Shower Screen Brochure

semi frameless shower screen

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

With just the perimeter of the cubicle framed, our semi-frameless shower screens have a greater surface area of glass. Popular with those who prefer a more minimalistic look, they are also available with pivot or sliding doors, or simple fixed panels, and work well in all types of bathrooms.

Key Features

  • Frameless, two-way pivot doors
  • 25mm, slim profile frames that are simple to clean
  • Frames in same choice of finishes as fully framed screens above
  • Fitted with pull handle knob as standard but many other styles available
More Details Download Semi-Frameless Shower Screen Brochure

frameless shower screen in perth

Frameless Shower Screens

A Frameless shower screen is the ultimate in style and adds a level of sophistication to any bathroom. By removing the framework generally required in alternative shower screen deisgns you can make your bathroom look more spacious and modern. With a wide range of hinges, handles and fittings available RG can design your frameless shower screen to suit even the most unusual bathroom layout. This quality product is extremely durable in all conditions.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-clean, all glass construction
  • Comprehensive choice of hinges and handles available
  • Choice of chrome, satin or black finish for all fittings
More Details Download Frameless Shower Screen Brochure

framed corner entry shower screen

Framed Corner Entry Shower Screens

The perfect solution to any tight ensuite or bathroom where a vanity or toilet restricts other designs. Framed corner entry shower screens are made to measure for a perfect fit every time.

Key Features:

  • The same choice of finishes as our fully framed shower screens
  • Great seals thanks to overlapping panel design
  • Both doors feature full-height handles
More Details Download Framed Corner Entry Shower Screen Brochure

framed sliding shower screens

Framed Sliding Shower Screens

The framed sliding shower screen is the ideal alternative to the pivot door shower screen when bathroom size and layout does not allow for a swinging door. Framed sliding shower screens are made to measure for a perfect fit every time.

Key Features:

  • The same attractive frame finishes that are available across our range of shower screens
  • Watertight seals provided by innovative overlapping panel design
  • Two or three-panel configuration
  • A choice of two attractive and functional handle styles
More Details Download Framed Sliding Shower Screen Brochure

Semi Frameless Sliding Shower Screens

Semi Frameless Sliding Shower Screens

The semi framed sliding shower screen is the perfect shower screen for many bathroom layouts. With minimal framing around fixed panels and completely unframed doors the semi frameless shower is both stylish and contemporary.

Key Features:

  • Choice of finishes as noted under Fully Framed Shower Screens
  • Overlapping door and panel design providing superb seals
  • Configurations suitable for standard or corner entry layout
  • Two beautiful handle choices
More Details Download Semi Frameless Sliding Shower Screen Brochure

Frameless Sliding Shower Screens

Frameless Sliding Shower Screens

Frameless sliding shower screens are the perfect choice for even the most stylish bathroom designs. The high qualtiy shower enclosure utilises only the best fittings and hardware ensureing an exceptionally smooth sliding door when ever you enter or exit your shower.

Key Features:

  • Smooth sliding action
  • Very simple to clean
  • Suitable for many different bathroom layouts
  • Two different handle options
More Details Download Frameless Sliding Shower Screen Brochure

bath panels

Bath Panels

With three different panel sizes available you can say goodbye to that unsightly curtain and rod. Fixed, fixed and swing or dual folding panels all in clear toughened safety glass.

Key Features:

  • Three convenient panel sizes from which to choose
  • DIY installation possible
  • Very easy to clean
More Details Download Bath Panel Shower Screen Brochure


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The Best Shower Screen for Your Home

Rockingham Glass is a dominant player in the Perth shower screen industry and has been around for the last 30 years. This makes us an obvious selection when you demand only the best results and require superior customer service. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to help you make the right decision when choosing which type of shower screen to purchase for your home. Call or message us today for details of all the products we manufacture and install. In the meantime, you can read a little more about what we have to offer below.

Australian Quality and Value

Our line of shower screens for the Perth market are fabricated in our Rockingham workshop using the latest techniques and machinery and produced to highest of industry standards. Whether you’d like to refurbish your existing bathroom or fit out a new one, our selection of shower screens, be-it, frameless, semi-frameless or fully framed, our shower screens will exceed your expectations. Rockingham Glass delivers exceptional value for money. We use high-quality hardware and glass that meets or exceeds all relevant industry standards. You can expect first-class results at incredibly competitive prices.

Customised for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, the one-size-fits-all solutions provided by warehouse outlets often leave a bit to be desired, especially in fit, look, and quality of finish. Off-the-shelf bathroom furnishings aren’t going to fit 100% perfect 100% of the time, our made to measure products will. When you order shower screens in Perth from Rockingham Glass, you choose the style of glass products to suit your bathroom preferences and interior design style. You can specify the dimensions of your custom made shower screen. As a result, the final product is going to look great and fit perfectly in the space you have to work with.

Whether you opt for something in a standard size or a screen with custom dimensions, we’ll make sure that it’s a perfect fit for your bathroom. All of Rockingham Glass’s shower screens are custom made.

Practical and Stylish

The best shower screens look great, as well as function perfectly. With our vast experience and knowledge of the latest design trends, we’re capable of achieving both these goals with ease. If you have a new bathroom to fit out or are thinking of refurbishing an existing one, don’t hesitate to contact Rockingham Glass. We’ll happily send out a team to prepare an in-depth, no-obligation, free quotation for you.

Frameless Shower Screens

As toughened safety glass has become more affordable in Australia, frameless shower screens have gained many new fans and are now one of the most popular styles currently available. It is not just homeowners that are choosing to install modern frameless screens in their bathrooms but hoteliers too. Perhaps the greatest benefit this style has to offer is a very minimalist, sleek look that is particularly suitable for modern bathrooms. Because the surface area dedicated to glass is maximized with this type of design, it is a good choice for people who wish to create a spacious look and feel in what is often the smallest room in the home.

Those responsible for cleaning commercial and domestic bathrooms also appreciate frameless shower screens as the absence of a frame makes them very easy to maintain. Simply use your bathroom cleaner as directed then rinse well for sparkling shower screens.

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

If you love the simple, clean lines of frameless shower screens but you would like to keep the overall cost of your bathroom renovation as low as possible, a semi-frameless design could be the the solution you have been looking for. Because this type of shower screen can be made with slightly less expensive glass, whilst retaining all the important design cues that make frameless screens so desirable, it is an excellent choice for homeowners who are both style and budget conscious!

The frame around the perimeter of semi-frameless shower screens can be colour coordinated with your bathroom décor so that it blends in seamlessly and is virtually invisible or used to draw attention to your new shower installation and make it the focal point of the bathroom – the choice is yours. The overlapping glass panels that are a feature of our semi-frameless designs ensure a watertight seal that keeps the water where it should be: in your shower.

Framed Shower Screens

Up until quite recently, fully framed designs were the most commonly installed type of shower screens in homes and hotels across Australia but in recent years, they have been overtaken in the popularity stakes by their more glamorous frameless cousins. However, if you are renovating a domestic or commercial bathroom on a budget and you would like to make sure that you get value for money when buying new fixtures and fittings, you will be hard pushed to find a better choice than fully framed shower screens.

Price may be one of the major attractions as far as framed screens are concerned but with our choice of finishes, those who value aesthetics above all else will also find plenty to interest them in our fully framed range.

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