19 Jun 2017

With all the decisions that need to be made when remodeling the kitchen, selecting a splashback may seem like an easy task but it’s one that you’d be wise to allocate ample time to. The wrong splashback could look entirely out of place and have a negative effect on the overall kitchen design, so you need to understand the vital factors to take into consideration to ensure you select the most suitable splashback for your kitchen. In addition to the aesthetic appeal and enhanced functionality of your kitchen space, you also stand to enjoy many benefits by selecting the right splashback.

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Splashback Benefits – Why They’re a Popular Choice

The primary benefit of a splashback is to protect the wall behind the sink or stove and are, therefore, intended to take splashes of water, oils and grease, food and whatever comes their way. However, there are many other benefits to installing glass splashbacks, such as:

  • Glass Splashbacks are an attractive feature popular in modern kitchen designs
  • Glass Splashbacks are seamless and prevent the growth of mould and bacteria

While there are excellent benefits to installing glass splashbacks in kitchens, it’s essential to have a solid idea of the factors that you need to consider when selecting from the vast range available.

Important Factors to Consider When Selecting a Splashback

As there’s such a wide range of splashbacks to select from, we’ve created a short list of important factors to help you make informed decisions about the splashbacks that you select for your kitchen.

  • Colour – You have a choice of many colours when choosing splashbacks but don’t think that you need a coloured splashback to create an area with impact as neutral (glass) splashbacks can create an exciting effect and add real character to your kitchen. It really comes down to the colours and materials used in the kitchen design, along with your colour preferences. We offer splashbacks in a superb colour range, including white, antique white, sapphire, high blue, red, firecracker red and platinum, along with clear and mirrored splashbacks.
  • Height – The height of a splashback has both functional and aesthetic outcomes so you need to consider the space, how it’s used and what lies directly above the area in which it will be installed. For example, if the splashback will be installed beneath a kitchen cabinet there’s a clear limit to its height, but what about an area with no cabinetry or features above it? If you’re unsure of the ideal height for your splashbacks, the RG team is here to help.
  • Material – At times there seems to be more materials than colours to select from, including stainless steel, tiles and stone. Here at RG, there’s only one material that we recommend and that’s glass because it delivers a great range of benefits such as aesthetic appeal, ease of cleaning, seamless design, a great range of colour options and so much more.
  • Countertops – Whatever colour or material you have in mind for your splashbacks, don’t overlook the countertops as you must ensure the colours and materials work well together and don’t clash. Neutral splashbacks with colourful countertops, and vice versa, are a great choice as they make for an immediate visual impact, however, the overall design effect that you’re trying to achieve will determine whether this is an option to consider.

Those are the three most crucial factors that you’ll need to consider when selecting a splashback but don’t hesitate to contact the RG team to have a chat about your kitchen remodelling project, the visual effect that you’re trying to achieve and the splashbacks that we can supply and install for you.


Starphire Glass Splashbacks – Beautiful Colours and Reliable Quality

The two glass types that are used in the production of glass splashbacks are standard clear glass and Starphire glass, both of which are of an excellent quality and can be relied upon to deliver many years’ service. At RG, we recommend the use of Starphire glass for kitchen splashbacks because of the high-fidelity colour transmission it delivers that makes it possible to incorporate colours, especially light colours and pastels such as antique white or sky blue, into the design.

Standard clear glass has a greenish tinge to it, the colouration affects the colour of the splashback selected with the effect that it will have a green hue, something that doesn’t affect Starphire glass splashbacks as they’re colour neutral and are, therefore, able to provide true colour fidelity. This makes Starphire glass the most suitable product to choose when selecting new splashbacks for your kitchen.

To learn more about Starphire glass and your other splashback options, including a superb range of colours to suit all kitchens, talk to the splashback specialists at RG.

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